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Your feet don't have to hurt, and helping them to stay healthy as possible is our goal. We have your well-being at heart and are uncompromising in our customer care and in our efforts towards your peace of mind gained by excellent service. We take great care to keep our knowledge base expanding at all times and, if well-being means comfort, health, security, and happiness, then the Foot Foundation has done its job.

The Foot Foundation Collection for Men and Women features a selection of leading comfort brands such as Aetrex/iStep, Waldlaufer, Finn Comfort, Mephisto, Semler and Fidelio, each designed to ensure the foot is appropriately supported and the body correctly aligned.  We hope to help you stay in comfort and on your feet longer, thus promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Some of the key features of the Foot Foundation collection are -

  • Anatomically correct footbeds, either built-in or removable

  • All styles with removable footbeds allow for customer's own orthotics

  • Unique cushioning systems

  • Styles indicated with Extra Fit mean that the shoes can be worn without footbeds, giving more volume to the shoe.

  • Styles with Magic Stretch leather/fabric linings will help with various foot problems and in particular Hallux vulgus (bunions).


In store foot health consultancy

We at Foot Foundation are passionate about finding new ranges that will complement our Classic styles, but give you comfort from morning until night. All shoes in our new specialist area have been selected to keep your feet as healthy as possible. Features such as unique cushioning systems, natural foot arch supports, and removable footbeds, make our shoes stand out from the rest.

We have introduced the latest technology and orthotics. iStep is the most revolutionary foot scanning technology ever developed for foot type and coupled with Lynco orthotics which offer unsurpassed comfort, support, and proper body alignment, which are recommended by doctors and pedorthists worldwide.

You can book an appointment quickly and easily online by clicking here or call +44 (0)1865 248 043



Here's what just one of our customers has to say about their in-store experience

"I want to thank, enormously, Mary-Ann in the Foot Foundation store, who spent over an hour seeking out the right shoes for me, and the result is an extraordinary transformation for me. My hallux rigidus, which was giving me constant pain in my big toes, now gone, thanks to the right shoes and the right insoles. This is something no other shoe shop has managed to do.

I've just come back from 10 days in the USA - on my feet all day long, in the street, in museums - and no pain at all. Wonderful. 
So many many thanks, for the help, the expertise, and the dedication of Macsamillion and especially their staff."
Oliver - November 2014